‘Cult of the Dead’ DLC for PC and Xbox 360®

Kalypso Media invite you to once again step into the world of Eric Bane in ‘Cult of the Dead’, the new DLC for the stealth action game DARK. ‘Cult of the Dead is now available to purchase for Windows PC via digital download and on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for £3.99/€4.99/$5.99.

Kalypso has released a launch trailer with gameplay of Eric’s latest adventure and showcases some of the new environments and the deadly new enemies he will encounter.


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Eric Bane is back and this time he is taking no prisoners as he embarks on a deadly new mission in ‘Cult of the Dead’: the first *DARK* DLC for Windows PC. ‘The Cult of the Dead’ will be available to download via digital distribution on 5th December for £3.99/€4.99/$4.99. ‘Cult of the Dead’ will also be available on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft shortly after.



After escaping the M17 vampire hunters, Eric Bane’s life is not getting any easier. He learns of the mysterious ‘Book of the Dead’ which grants its owner the power to control death and its creatures. This not only presents an immediate threat to all things living and dead, but also the chance for Eric to learn much about his kind.

In his quest for the book, Eric must face off against a new enemy, the Necromancers, as well as a regrouped M17 who want their revenge!


* Includes a brand new mission which challenges you to find the mysterious ‘Book of the Dead’
* Test your stealth and vampiric skills with five new maps in challenge mode
* New opponent: the deadly sniper
* New Boss: the Cultist

Now Available on Xbox Games On Demand

Kalypso Media is pleased to announce the availability of DARK, its vampire-themed stealth-action game, on the Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network Games On Demand platform for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. DARK is available for immediate purchase and download for 3560 Microsoft Points (£29.99) from Xbox.com.

Kalypso Media is pleased to announce that DARK, its vampire-themed take on the stealth-action genre, is now available for Windows PC. As Eric Bane, the lead character in DARK, you’ll explore a futuristic world in which vampires wield incredible power (both physical, magical and political), and it’s up to you to use amazing vampiric stealth and combat powers to learn why you’ve been turned and uncover a deep conspiracy involving the military and ancient vampires.

DARK is available now for purchase and download via Steam and other digital distribution channels and will be released across UK and Export retail on 5th July for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.

Check out the new screens

Restart countdown 3…2…1… now!

We are very sorry to announce to our digital download users that the digital release (Steam, Gamersgate, Gamesload, etc.) of the PC-Version of “DARK” has had to be postponed due to several reasons on short notice to the 5th July. This now means that the digital version will be available simultaneously with the retail versions of the game on PC and Xbox 360 in 8 days from now.

We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience.

New Gameplay Trailer Slips out of the DARK

Today we are pleased to release a new trailer for DARK, our upcoming vampire-themed stealth/action title for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. In the new trailer, you’ll get a close-up look at several of the vampire powers available to you, as the newly turned vampire, Eric Bane. Watch as Eric hypnotises unsuspecting guards to slip past them or deliver a deadly strike. Or, use Regeneration to convert the blood of your enemies to health points! Watch the new video to learn more about these and other stealth-focused powers featured in DARK, which Kalypso Media will release this summer on Xbox 360 and PC.

New Trailer Showcases “Vampire Skills and Kills”

Today Kalypso Media is taking fans deeper into the world of DARK with an action-filled new trailer. The new video focuses on several of the special attacks and powers available to players in the upcoming vampire-themed stealth action game coming in summer 2013 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC,

DARK will immerse players into a near-future urban landscape as they take on the role of Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire who is on a quest to uncover the secrets of the most ancient vampires. DARK features stylish 3D graphic novel style visuals and an upgradable set of powerful vampire skills that you can use to manipulate, distract or brutally attack your foes.

Trailer Unveils Special Vampire Powers

One of the unique features of DARK is Eric Bane’s use of his newly acquired vampire abilities. You, as Eric, will make use of a slew of incredible powers to slip around enemies, kill from a distance, and pull off stunning finishing moves.

Today, Kalypso is pleased to release a new video showcasing the world of DARK, a modern landscape shrouded in danger and mystery. In the world of DARK, you, as Eric Bane, a newly “born” vampire, must uncover the secrets of this world, and the mysterious GeoForge Corporation by stealthily exploring a variety of modern environments, while using your unique vampire powers to dispatch all those who dare oppose you.

Welcome to the official website for DARK, Kalypso Media’s upcoming vampire stealth-action game for console and PC. DARK challenges you, as the freshly “born” vampire, Eric Bane, to solve the mystery of the Geoforge Corporation, while using powerful vampire skills to battle the forces of M17.

A Closer look at DARK

Want to take a walk through the world of DARK? Check out this recent video walkthrough with Victor Linke from Realmforge, the studio that’s crafting DARK. In the video, you’ll learn more about the game’s sinister storyline, stealth combat, cool vampiric powers and more.


DARK Previews

DARK comes out of the shadows! Since E3 2012, we have been giving members of the press a chance to look at early versions of DARK, and they’ve come away very impressed.

Eurogamer – “Vampires Done Right”
“(DARK)…looks to bring about one of the most innovative approaches to stealth around. Part Deus Ex, part Splinter Cell, and part Vampire: The Masquerade, Dark’s unique mechanics look far too enticing to stay buried in the shadows.”

Vagary.tv – “Dark takes a different approach to the stealth genre.”
“Dark, developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso is one of the most promising surprises with and anticipated-2013 release.”

Gamedynamo – “Stealthy Gothic Vampire Action”
“DARK has a great atmosphere and mood, and the developers know exactly the style and game they are going for, through and through.”

Gamercast – “…Stealth is the key…”
” …it looks like DARK could be the game to bring the integrity of the super powered beings back to cool status in the eyes of gamers.”

Gamespy – “Get Your Vampire Fix with Kalypso’s Dark”

Vladimir, the Hunter

Another enemy on Eric’s DARK adventure is Vladimir, the owner of Geoforge Corporation. In fact he’s more like the shy guy and avoids the public. Still, one of his hobbies is hunting…okay, not
really surprising for a vampire.

But his hunting behaviour is quite different compared to other vampires. On top of the Geoforge skyscraper is the so-called sky garden. A garden especially created for Vladimir’s fondness for
manhunt. With this in mind an invitation to an open day at Geoforge leaves you with a bad taste, doesn’t it?



Screens to Stick Your Teeth In

Ready for a look into the sinister and stealthy world of DARK? We’re happy to give you a look into the game’s world with these exciting new screenshots, each showcasing the game’s fantastic graphic-novel inspired art style.



Even Vampires get Spammed

At some point everyone has found a deluge of shady (and sometimes amusing) spam emails infiltrating their inbox. Like an offer to take care of National Bank of Tuvalu’s money or to share in the profits of an African gold mine with Mr. Ndugu…

Employees of Geoforge aren’t safe from it either, and if you keep a keen eye out, and read those computer terminals that appear throughout the game, you might just find some fun spam awaiting the Geoforge employees. Keep your eyes open for possible Easter eggs as you never know if that invitation email you spot to Geoforge Corp’s ‘Open House’ or the relaxing day at the Sky Garden might just lead you to something very different…



Welcome to Geoforge Corp.

“One with nature and for our planet’s well being.” That’s how the Geoforge Corp. describes its public ambitions. To the outside world, Geoforge seems like a very peaceful and altruistic company. They even built an artificial forest on top of the Geoforge skyscraper called the sky garden, and opened it up to the public as a park.

But, as you can imagine, it is too harmonious and far too good to be true. To find out about Geoforge’s real ambitions – good or bad – players will have to dive into DARK’s sinister world.



Meet the Makers

By now there’s a lot of information out there about DARK. So now it’s time to shed some light on the game’s makers at Realmforge. Realmforge Studios is based in Munich, Germany, and they may be well known to some of you. With games like “Ceville” and “Dungeons” they already have some great games under their belts, and are known throughout the world.

DARK is their first stealth action game, so they are in uncharted waters. As you can see by the previews so far: they are doing a really good job! At the moment more than 18 people are working to offer players a great and exciting gameplay experience, and we’re very confident that it’ll be very good!



Night at the Museum

Today we’re taking a field trip to the museum level from DARK, a place where medieval and modern architecture mix. It’s a combination that creates an enthralling and eerie atmosphere.

You may think of mummies when you think of museums, but our museum level is all about our blood-drinking friends (or fiends).

The museum currently houses an exhibition of medieval era items which fit into the plans of the museum’s vampiric executives. Besides impressive castles and suits of medieval armor, the exhibition showcases many instruments of torture and medieval weaponry. All of which could be very useful for sinister purposes…

There’s no way to ignore the museum, as Eric desperately needs the Director’s blood. To get to him, Eric has to get past dozens of M17 soldiers and watchmen – preferably as quietly as possible. It’s easier said than done, as sometimes if players are too close to an exhibit it will activate, lighting up and launching into an audio “tour”. This will draw plenty of attention to Eric and his actions, which you obviously don’t want to happen when your goal is to hide yourself in the DARK.



DARK’s Dusky Wallpapers

Here are three DARK-themed wallpapers for our fellow vampires. Each wallpaper is available in three different resolutions. Click the thumbnails below to download.



The Nutty Director

Yet another denizen of the world of DARK, John E. Blooming is the museum Director, which seems like a fairly innocuous title, until you realize there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to Mr. Blooming. Having recently been converted to a vampire, Blooming is a bit on the insane side, and enjoys a level of brutality that would have most people locked away.

Blooming is spearheading the efforts of the museum’s new medieval exhibit, and is possibly making use of some of those scary implements of torture that are simply “exhibits” to everyone else.



Ghoulish Vampires

It’s not all about vampires and M17 agents in the world of DARK. At some point, you’re going to encounter the ghouls, some of the nastiest creatures around. Ghouls are sort of half-vampires, blind and dumb; they search for their vampiric creators, in hopes of drinking their blood, and thus becoming “real” vampires. If Eric fails to find his creator and get a good drink of blood, it won’t be long before he joins the ghoulish legion.



Steiner – Lord of the DARKness

While Eric and Rose could be considered “good” vampires, Victor Steiner most definitely is bad. There are no gray areas with this, this most ancient of all the vampires in the world of DARK. Steiner delights in torture, and the pain and agony (and screams) it creates.

Underestimating Steiner and his abilities is the quickest way for Eric to meet his end.



One Night in Sanctuary

Remember the iconic nightclub scene from Blade? You know, the one with all the cool vampires dancing around and looking awesome? In DARK, the Sanctuary is that kind of place – a hangout for vampires and their “friends”.

In the game, Eric wakes up in the Sanctuary, and meets Rose, who helps him learn more about what it means to be a vampire, and offers him various missions. The Sanctuary acts as a “hub” for most of the game, a place to gather intel, grab a drink, and pick up a new mission.



Rose – Your Vampiric Guide

Much like James Bond’s “Q”, Rosemary (Rose) Woods, the owner of Sanctuary, is a gadget fanatic. She loves technology, and helps you, as Eric, get around electronic obstacles throughout the game. Rose offers helpful hints, hacking advice and some savvy remote computer assistance as you play DARK. Without Rose, Eric would have a nearly impossible task ahead of him.



His Name is Bane, Eric Bane

Eric Bane, the recently turned vampire, is the protagonist of DARK. His recent transformation from comes with some serious side effects, as he can’t remember anything from before he became a vampire – neither the transformation itself nor his past, everything is dark. The one thing he knows is that he has to drink the blood of his creator…the problem is: his creator has disappeared without a trace. You, playing as Eric, will need to track down your creator, and unravel the mysteries within DARK.



DARK Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Today we have released a new teaser trailer for DARK, our upcoming stealth-action game for Windows PC and Xbox 360. Enjoy!

Today, we are pleased to unveil DARK, an exciting third-person stealth-action game for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and for Windows PC. DARK — developed by RealmForge, creators of the award-winning Dungeons — puts players in the role of a vampire out to discover the secrets of the mysterious global GeoForge Corporation. By making the most of powerful vampire skills, stealth and lethal combat abilities, players will engage and destroy their enemies, while moving silently through a stylized futuristic cityscape. The treacherous techno universe of DARK is rendered in gorgeous cel-shaded graphics with gameplay that tests the players’ ability to master both stealth and combat. DARK is slated for a global release in early 2013.



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